A tree is a classification tree structure. The tree has tree_elements that hold the position of a Taxon Concept in an arrangement of taxon that we refer to generically as a tree.

A tree structure can change, so a tree contains many versions. Each version of a tree is immutable, i.e it doesn't change. You can cite a tree element with confidence that the thing you cite will not change over time, while being able to trace the history all the way to the current placement.

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AMANI (20234368)

3373 elements published 14/06/22 by rlawrence


Sporolithon ptychodes to remove 3

Other versions

Below are all revisions of the AMANI. Versions older than 20234368 published 14/06/22 are for reference only.

VersionpublishedNotesRemove action
20234380 DRAFT Initial draft Δ current, synonymy, merge, validate
20234368 14/06/22 Sporolithon ptychodes to remove 3 validate
20234359 14/06/22 Sporolithon ptychodes to remove 2 Δ current, Δ previous, validate
20231409 14/06/22 Sporolithon ptychodes to remove Δ current, Δ previous, validate
20231392 29/04/22 Endocladia muricata again. Δ current, Δ previous, validate
20231376 29/04/22 To publish what I have been doing over the past couple of days. Δ current, Δ previous, validate
20215139 29/04/22 To remove a taxon not in Australia. Δ current, Δ previous, validate
20214960 31/07/20 Remove from Macro Δ current, Δ previous, validate
20214953 6/07/20 Hormothamnium Grunow trying to remove. Δ current, Δ previous, validate
20204322 6/07/20 Trying to sort out Hormothamnion and Hormothamnium. Δ current, Δ previous, validate
20191456 21/12/18 APNI DB load Δ current, validate